Inside look at Toledo's Tower on the Maumee as apartment construction progresses

Inside look at Toledo's Tower on the Maumee as apartment construction progresses

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Major progress has been made on one of Northwest Ohio's tallest buildings.

The Tower on the Maumee is alive with activity and some incredible views.

The general contractor, The Douglas Company, wanted to show off what workers have done so far.

We weren't alone as we took the elevators to the 28th floor and then out onto the roof of the Tower on the Maumee.

Built in 1969, the building, known as the Fiberglass Tower, was originally Owens Corning's headquarters.

For more than 20 years however, the building has sat vacant.

BGSU and UT students studying construction management and civil engineering saw first-hand the progress construction workers have made so far.

Floors 18 to 28 will have luxury apartments for rent.

And there are incredible views you can enjoy, like the Maumee River, the new ProMedica headquarters, and Fifth Third Field.

"I've lived in Toledo all my life. It's nice to see progress happening and lights back on in this building," said Ron Siebenaler, Vice President of The Douglas Company.

Some floors already have dry wall installed, and there is also ceramic tile brought from Italy and installed by Italian workers.

There will be more than 100 units for rent. Some will be one bedroom, some two. All of them will be luxury apartments.

The students who took the tour were getting valuable time out of the classroom to see what they had only previously seen in books.

"I really like it because I want to be in commercial apartment complexes and all that type industry. This really intrigues me and I really enjoyed seeing it from start to finish, what the project has been going through and the progress of it," said BGSU junior Cassie Kaptur,

For the general contractor, this isn't just giving back to the community, the students could be back in these rooms someday.

"And the people that are going to be here are potentially future employees that will work for us or a company like us. You want to make sure they are understanding what they're getting into," said Matt Pigula, a human resources specialist for The Douglas Company.

Siebenaler saw another benefit.

Hopefully those students, some of them may even come down here to live when they get out of school and can afford it," he said.

How much the rent will be, has not been made public yet but units should be available this fall.

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