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Toledo Police make disposing of unneeded prescription drugs even easier

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The Toledo Police Department has a drug drop off box in the lobby of every one of their police stations, but recently have made dropping off unwanted prescription drugs even more convenient.

Because prescription pills that fall into the wrong hands can potentially lead someone down the road of addiction - and even lead them to heroin, TPD has increased the number of drop-off locations.

There are now three portable drug drop boxes that can be brought to police-sponsored events, including town halls, neighborhood watch meetings and Coffee with the Cops.

“It doesn't just benefit the police department to get these drugs off the street it benefits as a whole so this is just another sort of thing we can do to get those unwanted prescription drugs off the street and out of the hands of someone who could potentially abuse them,” said Lt. Kevin Braun with Toledo Police.

Lt. Braun says keeping unused medication in your home makes you a target of a theft, but also can help start up or feed a loved one’s habit. 

“As always, you can request for a community relations officer to come out to your event and they can bring one of the drug boxes with them,” said Lt. Braun. 

It’s just another way Toledo Police are fighting back against the opioid epidemic in our area. 

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