Fifty-year Good Friday tradition ends in Toledo's Old South End

Fifty-year Good Friday tradition ends in Toledo's Old South End

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a fifty year old Good Friday tradition in Toledo's Old South End.

But Friday was the last day for the CROSS service.

CROSS stands for Christians Relating Our Savior in the South End.

Since 1967, members of area churches would march to Immaculate Conception Church for a service and reception.

It was a way for congregations from different denominations to get to know one another.

Not anymore.

"It says there's a lot of people not wanting to get involved outside of their own little churches," said Mary Pilcher.

CROSS will dissolve because of changing demographics in the neighborhood.

The four remaining CROSS churches will now become members of the Broadway Corridor Coalition.

"It's an organization that has more than churches. It has a lot of other services, organizations and government officials who are dedicated to the renewal of the old South End," said Rev. Martin Billmeier of St. Lucas Lutheran Church.

Folks don't feel too bad about the demise of CROSS.

They know it's mission of togetherness and inclusion will live on.

"I know as churches we will still work together. It will just be in a different forum," said Janet Hickey.

And possibly next year even resurrect the half century Good Friday tradition.

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