Money Talks News: When 'Do-It-Yourself' goes bad

Money Talks News - Most every man strives to be a handyman around the house. It's a mark of pride right?

That's before he makes a mistake that costs the family cash out of their wallet.

"Well they think they're a plumber, carpenter and mason got the hot water hooked up to the cold water supply and unfortunately it cost them 30, 40 to 50 percent more to correct it. As with anything, get it right, do it the first time right and save yourself some money," said contractor Butch McKeon.

Nowadays, there are so many do-it-yourself shows and websites tempting wannabe handymen to do jobs that should be left up to professional contractors. So how do you know what you can and cannot do?

First, you should consider if the job requires specialized knowledge.

Almost anyone can change their own oil, but rebuilding an engine is a recipe for an expensive disaster. So if it does, take a pass.

Consider the tools you'll use for the project as well.

While for some getting a jewel is like a child getting the hottest toy on Christmas, you must consider how expensive it is and if you will ever need it again.

Also consider the size and visibility of the project.

"If they are going to tile a small closet, that's something they can probably do and if it wasn't perfect, you wouldn't notice it," McKeon said. "But if they're doing a 2,000 square foot house, every imperfection is going to be seen."

When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask someone who knows like a knowledgeable friend or someone who works at a hardware or home improvement store. Just don't ask a contractor trying to get your business.

For more information on projects that might be in your grasp, head to Money Talks News and search for "DIY."

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