Two bars in one Toledo neighborhood could be denied liquor license renewal

Two bars in one Toledo neighborhood could be denied liquor license renewal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - WTOL recently reported on the trouble surrounding the Pour House and Antidote bar.

Thursday, council members decided to take the Toledo Police Department's recommendation to move it to a full council vote next week.

The owner of the Pour House said she's been in business 25 years and she's done her best to try and adapt as the clientele has changed.

"When I got the letter from the police chief, I shut it down," said Janet Craig, owner of the Pour House. "I worked it and I got rid of riff raff. And now I'm opening regular hours. This Saturday I'm having an Easter egg hunt for the kids."

She said she willing to continue to work with police to make positive changes for the neighborhood.

The Antidote Bar, where police have responded to gun violence, drug trafficking and domestic disputes, is being held accountable too.

Police told city council why they think Antidote Bar, formerly Lyrics Lounge, should have its liquor license revoked by the state.

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb made note to the fact that Thursday was just ten days after a shooting outside of Antidote bar.

She said that's one of the main reasons why she supports the Toledo Police Departments recommendation and the reasons why they say that the liquor license should not be renewed.

"When we make our way to Columbus, I will give testimony against the renewal of this liquor permit," said Councilwoman Webb.

Toledo Police said they've responded to eight incidents at the bar this year alone.

In the audience at the meeting, one man who said he lives within walking distance to Antidote Bar.

He spoke on the record to express his concern for the safety of the neighborhood where he raises his children.

"If I owned a business and the neighborhood suffered because of my business that I owned, I would be asking myself," said George Williams. "Is it worth it. Maybe it's time to close up shop and try something different."

The owner of Antidote bar declined to talk on camera.

The next step, this will be voted on by the full city council next week.

It is ultimately up to the state's Liquor Control Commission to decide if the licenses for these two bars will be revoked.

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