Iron worker uses experience on the job to create art

Iron worker uses experience on the job to create art

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An iron worker is is getting local attention with his unique works of art.

The 71-year-old artist used only iron tools to his lasting masterpieces.

"I probably started my sculpture when I was 55," said Mike Sohikian. "The tools I used are basically the same tools I used as an iron worker. There's nothing really fancy."

The piece is quite large with the wheels alone weighing 1,000 lbs.

"I've only exhibited it probably about three or four times because of the size," Sohikian said.

One of his latest works is a tribute to the women of ironworking.

"To finish it, I'll cast a couple of arms and hands out of concrete. That will be 3-D that will be attached to it," Sohikian said. "Then I'll sandblast the whole thing and get it down to an even patina. Then I'll seal it, put a coat on it."

Sohikian says his art not only gives him fulfillment, but has also made him a better worker on the job.

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