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Whitehouse, ODOT hope to come to agreement on SR 64 speed limit sign

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For thirty years, a 35 mph speed limit sign has been posted on SR 64 just outside of Whitehouse.

In 1987, a municipal ordinance declared the speed limit should be 35 mph because of bike paths, libraries and parks in the area.

However, enforcing the 35 mph speed limit is complicated because as far as the state is concerned, the speed limit is 50.

That discrepancy is currently being worked out between the village and ODOT.

Whitehouse's mayor says this village is taking steps to come to an agreement with the state.

Until then, those who believe they were wrongfully ticketed should step forward.

"If there's any citizens that have been inconvenienced by this in any way, that's part of the solutions that we're looking at," said Mayor Donald Atkinson. "We're going to go out of our way to accommodate anybody."

Both the mayor and attorney for the village are hopeful that a solution will be reached by the time village council meets on Tuesday. The public is welcome to attend and give input.

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