Sen. Sherrod Brown gets input on NAFTA renegotiations from local UAW workers

Sen. Sherrod Brown gets input on NAFTA renegotiations from local UAW workers
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown met with local UAW leaders at Local 14 Wednesday to discuss their input to the North American Free Trade Agreement, an agreement Brown plans to renegotiate this year.

Jobs are top of mind for UAW leaders like Rich Crayon. His team helps assemble parts for the Jeep Wrangler.

"We represent working men and women, so we want to support working men and women," said Crayon, who is the chairman at Toledo Molding and Die.

Crayon worries the President's proposed plan to eliminate free trade could put many locals out of work.

"It would actually harm us tremendously," Crayon said. "Because 60 percent of our components come from the U.S."

That's why Senator Sherrod Brown stopped by the UAW Local 14 hall Wednesday to hear from workers about their concerns. Brown and other Democrats are heading to the negotiating table soon with the Trump Administration to discuss changes to NAFTA.

"I want to work with him on renegotiation of NAFTA and he's put out something but he's not put out the details that we need yet," Sen. Brown said.

Sen. Brown said while President Donald Trump says he favors polices that help middle income workers, his administration is filled with the opposite.

"You walk through the White House and it looks like an executive retreat from Goldman Sachs," Sen. Brown said.

These workers hope Senator Brown will make sure their voices are heard when forming policies that impact their lives.

"Support the middle class," Crayon said. "I mean this is where it came from it started out in automotive."

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