UT group speaks out against sex trafficking

UT group speaks out against sex trafficking

TOLEDO, OH (AP) - A local community group speaks out after the most recent sex trafficking scandal.

The University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute works to prevent human trafficking.

The group addressed human trafficking on Wednesday in light of the two Toledo pastors who have been charged with sex trafficking children from their homes.

"We're grateful for the FBI, local law enforcement because they will arrest anyone possibly trafficking children regardless of their level of power or prominence in our community," Celia Williamson, University of Toledo human trafficking expert.

Those with the UT Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute say that despite these horrific allegations, they will continue to fight the war against human trafficking and hope this will bring awareness to this issue that is happening in Toledo.

"I think the main message is please watch your conversation and how you think about the issue. Be thinking about protecting children first," said Williamson. "Unfortunately you never want situations like this to come up. The more conversations we have, the more media attention we get people talking and bring it to the forefront and remind people these are children and children can not be prostitutes."

Williamson says she understands it is especially hard for people of faith for their leader to be accused of a heinous act.

"It's a case of us being able to use this opportunity to get into those churches and educate them and remind them to do God's work is to protect the vulnerable," said Williamson.

Pastors Haynes and Jenkins will be in court on Thursday for a detention hearing where a judge is expected to set a bond for the two.

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