Neighbors learn how to administer Narcan in light of opioid epidemic

Neighbors learn how to administer Narcan in light of opioid epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - People in a west Toledo neighborhood Tuesday were learning how to treat a heroin overdose in an emergency situation.

Neighbors were learning about Narcan and how it could save a life.

Neighborhood block watch meetings normally discuss solutions to neighborhood problems, but Asbury Park is taking on a bigger issue: the opioid epidemic.

"Our neighborhood, the 43612 area code, has the largest epidemic right now for the heroin overdose," explained Frank Hebert, Asbury Park block watch leader. "So from this training that we're getting tonight if we come across somebody that's overdosing have the capability to help them."

Block watch leaders teamed up with Urban Minorities Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADAOP) of Lucas County for their first meeting of the year. Along with their typical crime update from police, they were learning about Narcan.

"It's to empower people," explained Geof Allan, coordinator for Lucas County Opiate and Heroin Initiative for UMADAOP. "It's always good when people step us as a community and this is such a bad thing that's affecting all of us."

Officials say it's easy to administer, but for neighbors it was a chance to learn more about the overdose reversal drug.

"It'll help us know more about it," said Kathy Taylor who lives near Asbury Park and attended the training. "What all it involves and hopefully it
will help the neighborhood."

Organizers say having this knowledge is invaluable and placing the kits in the hands of neighbors could save lives.

"This affects one in five of us we may not know it, but it affects us," said Allan. "It's going to take a community wide effort to fight this."

"More needs done and if we can get this training to get out there and help out it's going to be a great asset to our whole community," said Frank Hebert.

Neighbors were given a free Narcan kit with their training. A kit they will hopefully never have to use.

If you are interested in learning about Narcan and training you can contact Geof Allan at 419-255-4444 or go to Project Dawn.

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