Newest metropark nearing completion

Newest metropark nearing completion

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - By this time next year, Toledoans will be out enjoying Howard's Marsh Metropark.

"We're about midway in our construction process," said Denis Franklin, Natural Resources Supervisor of the Toledo Area Metro Parks. "We've had to kind of shift our focus a little bit from a lot of major earth work. Just because of the weather and wet field conditions, we've been unable to continue to move dirt."

The quarter of a mile boardwalk will connect two islands of this wetlands metropark.

"It'll be tied onto our trail system, which is going to encompass about seven miles of walking trails," Franklin explained.

There will also be fishing platforms and overlooks.

While work is being done to get the visitor attractions ready across the property, the work is being done on the pump system that will fill the metro park.

"Imperative to have in an efficient wetland management operation," Franklin said. "Any water that comes in our leaves Howard Marsh will leave right through pump structure there."

This Metropark will allow experts to keep an close eye on the health of the Lake Erie wetlands thanks to this new marsh preserve.

Park officials also want to use the park to educate people on the importance of our great lake.

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