Green Springs removes dozens of trees for road expansion, sewer work.

Green Springs removes dozens of trees for road expansion, sewer work.

GREEN SPRINGS, OH (WTOL) - A full grown tree can add up to $20,000 to your property. That's a according to experts at Money Sense.

But for home owners in the village of Green Springs, an entire neighborhood has lost their trees to make way for road and utility upgrades.

A $1.2 million project in the Village of Green Springs will vastly improve storm drainage and traffic on East Adams Street. But at the cost of dozens of mature trees.

The project is to bring the village into EPA compliance by separating their storm water and sewer lines.

The village will also take the opportunity to upgrade the area. The utility lines will be pushed out of the right-of-way, while the road itself will be widened and completely replaced. And storm drain basins will be installed.

"The residents along that area do not have very good surface drainage, which also leads to the deterioration of the boulevard area and the roadway itself," said Mayor Adam Greenslade.

Though one formal complaint has been filed about the removal of the trees, most are fine with the decision.

Mayor Greenslade says the trees themselves were beginning to become a problem as they d ropped debris onto the road and their roots are damaging the sidewalks.

"The trees that were located in the boulevard were quite overgrown. Many of them were nuisance trees just from their sheer size and age," said Greenslade.

"It's understandable, I just hate to see them go. but, it is what it is." said Adams Street resident Carly Rando.

Neighbors will have the opportunity to request a new tree planted once construction is complete. Work will run from June to November.

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