Students at Maumee High School using augmented reality in classroom

Students at Maumee High School using augmented reality in classroom

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Kids and technology seem to go hand in hand.

A new tool at Maumee High School is allowing students to learn real-life concepts through a computer screen and a fancy pair of glasses.

Jacob Yarger is in 11th grade at Maumee High School. He got acquainted with the school's new "Z Space." It's an augmented reality system that brings a 2-D picture to life.

"It allows you to learn in a different environment," Yarger said. "It actually allows you to go in and see different things. It's a lot more hands on than the other things we've been taught on."

The district brought in the system as part of its "Maker's Space" program, which allows students at all grade levels to do just that, make.

"The biggest things that schools seem to lack is real life application," said Maumee Schools Director of Technology Jason Dugan. "Taking something and bringing it to life for them to look at. We look at everything in a 2-D environment and we're trying to bring something 3-D."

Maumee High School has had the tool for about a month.

Students can come in during their lunch break or before or after school to work on their projects.

There's no limit to the amount of projects the students can work on.

They can shape clay for 3-D printing and even dissect animals.

"There's fruit flies you can dissect, which is something they do. Cow parts you can take apart and dissect them and analyze with the software. They have to answer certain essential questions with it as well," Dugan said.

District leaders say this augmented reality system is literally bringing the world to students' fingertips.

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