Lucas County Jail to receive $60K from state

Lucas County Jail to receive $60K from state
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Lucas County Jail was approved for $60 thousand in state funding Monday.

The funds will provide fire and smoke damper inspections and the cleaning of exhaust systems from Toledo-based VC Systems LLC.

The current systems were installed 16 years ago and are due for cleaning and inspection.

State Representative Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) explained the benefits of the approved funding.

"The state investment approved today will help ensure the continued safety of the institution's staff and volunteers," Ashford said. "Since its inception, Toledo Correction Institution has been committed to not only recruiting dedicated, hardworking staff, but also preparing its inmates to return to be active members of society and possess the skills needed for today's workforce,"

The state Controlling Board approved the funding to the jail.

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