Wauseon Police announce crackdown at intersections following serious accidents

Wauseon Police announce crackdown at intersections following serious accidents

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three days after an accident claimed the life of Evergreen High School's Athletic Director Timothy Rupp, police are looking for ways to prevent a similar tragedy.

The Wauseon police department will be stepping up their enforcement of speeding, running red lights or stop signs, and failure to yield incidents following an uptick in accidents in the county.

Monday morning on their Facebook page, Wauseon police said they would ramp up enforcement along with the Fulton County sheriff's department and highway patrol following yet another high speed intersection accident.

This accident occurred early Sunday morning on State Route 108.

"And we thought it was our part as law enforcement to assist and do our part in enforcing stop signs and traffic intersection violations." said Wauseon Police Sergeant Brian Courtney.

Though intersection accidents in town are less severe at lower speeds, they can still be deadly.

So far, Wauseon PD has issued 3 red light/stop sign violations, 4 failure to yield citations, and they have responded to 1 intersection accident.

The hope is to remind people to always be aware of what's around them whenever they are driving.

"We just want them to slow down and watch the speed limits and pay attention to the traffic signs, because it's going to save their life or someone else's" said Courtney.

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