UT creates sexual assault prevention task force

UT creates sexual assault prevention task force

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The University of Toledo has created a task force on sexual assault prevention and awareness.

The committee will identify and assess UT policies and practices related to sexual assault and compare these to other universities to obtain the best prevention and awareness practices.

Last year UT also created the Center for Student Advocacy and Wellness to strengthen its efforts to prevent sexual violence and help survivors.

"Student safety is a top priority, and we will continue enforcing zero tolerance of any type of abuse," said UT president Sharon Gaber. "We have an outstanding university, and I want to make sure that we are doing all we can to educate, inform, prevent and adjudicate."

The task force is made up of students, faculty and staff.

Committee co-chair Dr. Amy Thompson says having everyone involved is important to keeping the campus safe.

"You have to look at this from an ecological perspective," said Thompson. "Lots of different groups, services, agencies and people are involved in this. Everything from law enforcement to counseling centers, to students, faculty. We want to make sure everyone's involved and that they have place at the table."

The task force is expected to complete its recommendations and give them to Dr. Gaber by the fall of 2017.

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