Money Talks News: Avoiding hotel fees

Money Talks News - Did you notice the warmer weather this weekend? That can only mean summer is on the horizon. Now is the time to plan your summer vacation.

According to the consulting group CBRE, average hotel room rates in 2016 were $124. But that rate is expected to climb by more than three percent this year.

So how can you avoid hidden fees and get the most bang for your buck?

First, be weary of airline and hotel packages. Those packages hide extra fees that you will want to pass over.

Take note of what conveniences cost money at hotels.

Many hotels charge for Internet, parking, sending or receiving a package, a safe, phone calls from your room. There are also resort fees, towel fees and a fee to get the morning paper. The more snarky hotels have even more fees you may not realize.

So how do you avoid the fees?

Check the hotel out before you check in and request a manage yo have them waived.

Of course, another way to avoid fees is avoid the giant hotel chains that charge them.

Believe it or not, smaller hotels are not only less likely to charge hidden fees, but they are more likely to provide a unique experience.

The bottom line is if you are looking at hotels, remember there are several hidden fees. Do not be afraid to challenge those fees and ask for a discount.

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