Toledo city crews starting to fix pothole problem areas

Toledo city crews starting to fix pothole problem areas

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a new feeling of hope in protecting your car from potholes that have popped up all over the city. Hot asphalt plants that are closed all winter are back open.

As the winter and early spring went on, potholes continued to emerge.

Road crews have only been able to temporarily fix all the potholes around the city because it was too cold to use the hot patch this winter.

Now that the weather has warmed and the hot asphalt plant in the city are open, crews are now able to use the hot mix that adheres to the pothole much better than the cold mix used in the winter.

"So we were basically just filling in a hole and hoping for the best. Now that we have the hot mix and the pavement temperatures are up, it has a little bit more to adhere to and we can pack that material in a lot better," said Jeremy Mikolajczyk, commissioner of Streets, Bridges, and Harbor.

Some of the first places that will get pothole care are Monroe Street near ProMedica hospital, Oak and Fassett on the east side of Toledo and Wildwood and Detroit.

Street repairs are the biggest goals of the Streets, Bridges and Harbor department this time of year, but repairing potholes more effectively can make an immediate impact.

"We normally have six to eight crews out a day, so their first tasks are any potholes that had a barrel placed on them, which are major tire busters. So they'll focus on those first thing in the morning," said Mikolajczyk. "They eliminate those hazards and then they'll move on to their regular schedule."

Mikolajczyk says the city has over 100 complaints about potholes.

The road with the most pothole problems in the Anthony Wayne Trail.

Crews used cold mix several times over the winter but had to keep going back over the potholes.

City councilman Tom Waniewski thinks the city needs more repaving projects instead of the constant patching up of potholes.

However, you can start looking forward a much smoother commute over pothole plagued roads.

"Anything we can do to save constituents money on fixing their suspension or getting a new wheel alignment is always good," Waniewski said.

Every day, the Streets division has a list that prioritize the potholes to fix. The worst locations are at the top and are taken care of first thing in the morning.

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