Surveillance video shows brazen motorcycle, ATV theft

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Two days before seven vehicles were stolen from American Powersports in Findlay, multiple vehicles were stolen from McCarthy's in Defiance and the method of the robbery was practically identical.

According to the Defiance County Sheriff, just after 4 a.m. on April 5, two U-Haul trucks were stolen from a nearby lot. Then up to 12 men broke into McCarthy's.

In less than six minutes, they stole three street bikes, 13 dirt bikes and 30 helmets and jackets.

Tim McCarthy, who has run his business in this location for 24 years say he has never experienced this level of crime before, and believes those involved are professional thieves.

"Because of how quickly they broke and got all of this out, it had to be professional because they had to walk right to it and get right out or they couldn't do it in 6 minutes," said McCarthy.

The 2 U-Hauls used in the theft were found abandoned in Monroe County Michigan.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

Because this case has crossed a state line, the FBI is now involved as well.

Doug Engel, the Defiance County Sheriff believes this activity is part of a black market ring that sell dirt bikes off of the books, since it is easier to do with dirt bikes in Michigan.

"It's a group or organization that's well trained, know what they're doing. They move throughout northwest Ohio and Michigan. They strike once a year and then they'll be gone," said Engel.

McCarthy says his business is out up to $80,000, some of which may be recouped through insurance settlements.

But he has been receiving constant support from the community.

"The phone has been ringing off of the hook, and on social media asking questions and saying how awful it was. And I appreciate everybody's support," said McCarthy.

Findlay police reported that the stolen van used to haul the seven vehicles stolen from American Powersports was found abandoned Monday morning in central Toledo, no word on the stolen trailer.

The Defiance County Sheriff's Office says crimes like these happen fast, but then the criminals move to other areas to avoid police, and neighbors shouldn't be too worried of it happening again.

"The public should not be overly concerned. Obviously we are concerned when any groups come in our area and we're using our resources to combat that," said Engel.

If you have any information on these cases, you are asked to call the Defiance County Sheriff at 419-784-1155, the Findlay Police Department at 419-424-7150 or Hancock County Crime Stopper at 419-425-8477

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