Bowling Green to display benefits of trees using tree tags

Bowling Green to display benefits of trees using tree tags

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The City of Bowling Green Tree Commission will be using tree tags around town to display the environmental benefits the city trees provide in a year.

The Commission used a free app called the MyTree app to calculate a dollar amount on the benefits of the trees to give a new appreciation for them.

"It really makes people kind of change their views of trees a bit, people think about things like shade that trees provide, but they don't really think about some of the environmental benefits that they're providing," said Bowling Green Arborist Grant Jones.

The app helps not only city trees, but also trees on specific properties.

A resident first must enter their address then answer questions about the tree including its height, condition and where it is located on the property.

Factors that influence a tree's dollar amount include tree species and condition, trunk diameter, and proximity to a building.

The storm water avoidance provides the largest value as rain collects on leaves and bark until it evaporates rather than falling off and entering storm drains.

"When it rains a lot, if there is no trees or vegetation around, a lot of that water ends up in the storm drains," Jones said. "But with trees that rainfall will get caught on leaves, it will get absorbed by bark and that will eventually evaporate away."

The tags will be displayed for two weeks starting April 17 for Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Anyone can check out the value of a tree by using the iTree programs.

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