Uncertainty abounds as parents get their first look at Sylvania redistricting proposals

Uncertainty abounds as parents get their first look at Sylvania redistricting proposals

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Parents in Sylvania are getting their first look at the controversial school redistricting plan.

The Sylvania School System released maps showing the potential changes in the district.

Opinions on the plans remain mixed.

"I don't have any worries as to whether or not they will be getting the same amount of quality education as they should be," explained Yvonne
Martinez, Sylvania resident and mother.

"It's frustrating dealing with the fact that we have an older daughter and the differences between our younger two, but we are also understanding that this is how life works," said Scott Macy, a Sylvania resident with three daughters one in high school, junior high and elementary school.

The maps released Friday show some very different boundary lines for Sylvania Schools.

Mostly minor changes for the elementary schools, except Maplewood, which could be turned into a 5th, 6th grade building. Junior High students
face the biggest shake-up, while the two high school remains relatively untouched.

Along with these boundaries the district released videos explaining their plan, interactive maps for families to search their home within each
plan and a survey.

"It was really important for us to really take our time, develop a good plan and listen to what the community thinks is best and really take that into consideration of our plan," said Adam Fineske, executive director of teaching and learning for Sylvania Schools and leader of the superintendent's task force.

Some parents say they trust the task force and administration while others are concerned their children have to switch schools.

"The biggest thing is just taking our time you know and not jumping to conclusions kind of roll with the punches," said Dan Turner, a Sylvania resident and dad to Rafe, a kindergartner at Central Trails. "I think they have a vision for our community and I think it's important that we keep moving forward and support the direction they are going."

"We've rented the same house for approximately three years, so they've continued to go to Maplewood for those three years," said Aimee Montrie, Sylvania resident and mother of two students. "If I understand correctly they will go to Hill View, which will be different and possibly why would we stay in Sylvania when they are going to have to start a new school?"

Sylvania Schools is looking for feedback on their proposals and has posted a survey that will be open through spring break.

From there the superintendent's task force will meet and discuss the results before presenting their recommendation to the board by early May. The school board is expected to vote on a redistricting plan by the end of May.

The district used Google Maps to allow parents to search where the new boundaries would place their children.

The district also released enrollment numbers for each proposal and the current numbers.

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