Ohio's Senators, Representatives respond to Syrian missile attack

Ohio's Senators, Representatives respond to Syrian missile attack

(WTOL) - Ohio's Senators and Representatives responded to the airstrikes against a Syrian airbase on Thursday.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

"Last night's missile strike appears to be a proportional response for Assad's brutal killing of innocent civilians, but there are still unanswered questions, including how the strike will impact American forces on the ground fighting ISIS and what this means for long-term military engagement in Syria. President Trump needs to come up with a strategy to resolve the Syrian conflict, share his plans with the American people and win their support before taking further action," Brown said.

"Secretary Tillerson is scheduled to travel to Moscow next week, and he and President Trump need to use this Administration's close ties with Russia to pressure President Putin to step up and curtail further indiscriminate killing of Syrian civilians."

U.S. Senator Rob Portman

U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur

"The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is the latest in a desperate and violent war that Assad is waging on his own people. Neither Congress nor the American people know the full extent of how this Trump Administration action was planned and executed. We do know the Assad regime in Syria consistently commits horrendous atrocities against its own people, but the U.S. bombing of a Syrian airbase unilaterally, undertaken outside a global coalition to remove the Assad regime, is a high-risk action that could cause terrorist retaliation against U.S. targets anywhere in the world.

"There is no doubt that our troops are ready to complete any task that is before them, and the U.S. must fight tyranny and oppression, but Congress needs to have a say. We shouldn't rush headstrong into conflict, and as a Nation, we must always weigh the consequences of such action. I urge President Trump to consult with Congress to seek authorization and consult with the American people before any further action in Syria."

U.S. Representative Bob Latta.

"The actions the United States took against the Syrian regime were appropriate and just after the use of a chemical weapons attack this week on innocent men, women and children. I welcome further engagement by the Administration with Congress on the conflict in Syria. In the meantime, I hope these actions deter further atrocities by Bashar al-Assad."

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