U.S. future in Syria still up in the air according to BGSU professor

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The world is still responding to President Trump's actions in Syria on Thursday.

Political Science Chair at BGSU, Neil Englehart says he was surprised to learn of President Trump's missile strike on Syria.

"If you had asked me 24 hours ago, was this going to happen? I'd have said no. I would have said no because Trump has been making such a big deal out of improving relations with Russia and because Trump has said we want to focus on ISIS and we have no interest in Assad," said Englehart.

Englehart says the missile launch leaves a lot up in the air including whether we are being drawn into another war in the Middle East?

Englehart says it all depends on the President's next move.

"Is this a one-off attack and they'll go back to doing nothing? Or is this going to be the beginning of a really serious policy where we're going to be more active about removing Assad from power? Nobody has the answer to that right now, except Donald Trump, and maybe not even him," said Englehart.

Englehart says right now it seems Americans support Trump's missile launch, but that may not last with continued military action in Syria.

"You're going to start seeing civilian casualties and a lot of unintended consequences, and when that happens, I think US support is probably going to erode," said Englehart.

Analysts believe the airstrikes carry risks: needling Russia, emboldening ISIS, and not providing a plan for peace and political stability in Syria.

However, the U.S. attack shows that for President Trump, it was a risk worth taking.

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