Ohio farmers send trucks of hay, supplies to wildfire ravaged Kansas

Ohio farmers send trucks of hay, supplies to wildfire ravaged Kansas

MONTPELIER, OH (WTOL) - Farmers are a tight knit group. And a movement sweeping through northwest Ohio, northern Indiana and southeast Michigan has farmers reaching out to their own.

A caravan of compassionate ranchers left Montpelier Thursday night on a mission of mercy to help Kansas ranchers, whose land was ravaged by wildfire.

An estimated 650,000 acres of land has been consumed by the wildfire. Thousands of cattle have also been killed.

The trucks were loaded up with donated hate so the ranchers over 1,000 miles away can feed their cattle. There were also food, clothing and supplies for families who lost everything in the fires. Dog food is also on its way for family pets.

Even school children collected tools for the ranchers.

Some of the local ranchers will remain in Kansas to install fencing needed to corral roaming cattle.

"We feel the needs are just like family," said Nate Like of the Henry County Farm Bureau. "Treat each other as family and when we have a natural disaster like this, we feel the needs. And God's glory need to stand up and help others out."

All of those involved in the project believe helping their neighbor is a part of their responsibility.

And that's what they mean when they say "Ohio proud--Kansas strong."

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