Road crews prepare for April's wintery mix

Road crews prepare for April's wintery mix

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While it was wet and slick Thursday night ODOT and city officials were preparing for a busy night to keep up with the wintery mix.

Crews were transitioning their trucks from spring to ice and snow ready Thursday. Despite some slick roads officials say not every road will be treated.

"Unfortunately, with the rain and snow mix that we're getting ahead of the storm we can't be out there proactively brining the roads, so we are right now patrolling and then at midnight we're going to have more crews come in and they will be patrolling as well as treating," said Rebecca Shirling of Ohio Department of Transportation district 2.

Both ODOT and Toledo's Streets Bridges and Harbor division are on 12-hour shifts through Friday. They expect the worst to come after midnight Thursday.

"We really don't expect the bad temperatures or the freezing temperatures to get here until somewhere around 2:00 am or 3:00 am," said Jeremy Mikolajczyk, commissioner of Toledo's Streets Bridges and Harbor department. "Then that's when we will really have to start to have to pre-treat everything."

City officials say they'll treat bridges first with salt and then move on to the major roadways and then secondary ones. ODOT says while they're dealing with the snow/rain mix now, they'll be ready for the warmer weather this weekend too.

"They're ready to be out there if they need to fight snow they are ready to go do potholes or patching," said Shirling. "They're really versatile and we're really lucky that they want to be able to do the different things."

City crews say they don't plan to plow because the pavement temperatures should remain high enough to prevent accumulation, but they will be ready for anything.

Crews encourage drivers on the roads to drive slow and give yourself some extra space and time before heading out to your destination.

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