Local roofing companies getting a boost from recent high winds

Local roofing companies getting a boost from recent high winds
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The rain and high winds are a curse for some but a blessing for others.

The wind is picking up again and that means more work for the crews from Seagate Roofing.

They spent time on top of Toledo Metal Spinning, a manufacturing plant on Clinton Street repairing shingles that came off in a previous wind storm.

One side of the roof looks just fine, but on the other slope, there's wind damage. Tom Elder, the owner of Seagate Roofing, said repairs to shingles and tar paper have been up significantly in the last five weeks.

When asked if he feels like his crews are going from one call to another, he said, "Yeah, they are going from one to another. Yeah, we're busy. We probably fielded, after that wind storm, 100 or so repairs."

He was talking about the March 8 high winds that twisted road signs and crashed big semis. It also damaged a lot of roofs.

Bob Gregg, a roofer from Seagate, said, "When it gets real windy, shingles, sometimes they get cold. Like now, they're getting brittle. And the wind catches them just right. Next thing you know, they're gone."

Seagate has prioritized its calls by customers with more serious problems like water leaks. And they are warning homeowners not to wait if you see shingles on the ground.

"The wood is going to rot. Your insulation is going to get wet, get moldy. Everything is just going to get worse," Gregg said.

It is tough work, especially in these weather conditions, but Elder said the guys don't mind. "They're used to it, they handle it well and they're not unhappy because they're working!"

The owner of Seagate Roofing says they're pretty much wrapped up with all of their residential roof repairs from the last big wind storm. Beginning Friday, they'll be waiting for the next batch of phone calls to come in.

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