Green Chair event: The choice of becoming an organ donor

Green Chair event: The choice of becoming an organ donor

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The choice to become an organ donor is a personal one.

There can be some questions and misconceptions around becoming a donor.

Donate Life Ohio wants to clear up some of those misconceptions.

Kara Steele of Donate Life Ohio says the number one concern that people have is that doctors won't try as hard to save them in the event of an accident if they know the patient is an organ donor.

"The answer is absolutely they will," Steele said. "Doctors, nurses, anyone in a hospital setting has nothing to do with the organ donation. They don't know whether the person's an organ donor. Their number one priority is to save that person's life."

It is also thought that being an organ donor will affect a person's ability to have an open casket.

Steele said no concern is needed.

"As far as the organ donation surgery, it's a very careful, respectful procedure. These surgeons know what this person is doing for someone else, they're literally saving lives. So it's a very respectful procedure," Steele said.

Talking about becoming an organ donor can be an uncomfortable conversation, but one that is worth having.

"We just really encourage people to have those difficult discussions, know what your family members want so when that time comes it's as easy as it can be in a tragic situation," said Steele.

Nationally, 22 people die daily waiting on an organ transplant.

For more information regarding organ donation, visit here.

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