IRS changing policy, will call to collect debt

IRS changing policy, will call to collect debt

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Better Business Bureau has been telling you for years; the IRS will never call you to collect money.

That's all changing.

The BBB is now concerned about the confusion it could cause.

"Consumers are confused enough about the IRS. They're afraid enough, they're threatened enough and then this is even more complicated," says Dick Eppstein with the BBB.

Here's what you need to know if you get a call, claiming to be from the IRS: 

The BBB says you'll only get a call for a long overdue tax payment.

Plus, a phone call won't be the first time you've heard from the IRS.

You'll get letters in the mail first.

Phone calls will only come from from one of these four firms: C-B-E Group, Conserve, Performant  and Pioneer.

"They are BBB-accredited businesses and they have to follow the federal laws on debt collection. They have hours they can call. They cannot threaten you. They cannon lie to you," says Eppstein.

The BBB is nervous scammers will take advantage of this change in procedure.

So if you do get a call asking for money, be careful who you send your check to.

"The money you send, if you do owe the IRS money, is a check made out to the US Treasury or a credit card to the Treasury and it's sent to the Federal Government. It's not sent to the guy on the phone," says Eppstein.

For more information about knowing if the IRS is really calling your or if it's just a scam, visit here.

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