Fremont, Sandusky County to share I.T. departments

Fremont, Sandusky County to share I.T. departments

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - A partnership between Fremont and Sandusky County is expecting to lower some operating costs, while also providing a better service for taxpayers.

Fremont has needed to upgrade their computer and phone systems for some time, but have not had the money to do so.

Last month, the Fremont City Council passed an ordinance to enter into a $100,000 a year contract with Sandusky County to merge their I.T. departments.

Currently, the city has only one full-time employee, but soon a 24-7 team will work both city and county offices.

The lowered overhead of sharing the costs for services means the city can use more funds for upgrades to its aging computer systems. The city's software is 15-years-old.

"Whatever we can really look at and collaborate in between the city and the county to save some taxpayers dollars and most importantly provide a better service to the citizens is what we're trying to do," said Fremont Mayor Danny Sanchez.

The overall goal is to trim the budget for both entities to maximize tax dollar impact.

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