Despite not making majors, Moya looking forward to big year with Toledo

Despite not making majors, Moya looking forward to big year with Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The last couple weeks have been a roller-coaster for Steven Moya.

After not making the Tigers final roster, he cleared waivers and found himself a spot here in Toledo with the Mud Hens. While it's not an ideal situation for Moya, he says he's just happy to being playing baseball with a team.

"It's been, you know, a little hard for me because you don't know where you're going, so you have to figure it out," Moya said. "You have your family so you want to know to know where you're going so you can start to get setup. And it's stressful to don't know anything or what is going to happen. So at that time you just have to calm yourself and think that God is taking care of everything and don't worry and just react at the time that something happens."

"I think it's more of a disappointment for him," said Mike Rojas, Mud Hens manager. "But that's on him. It's a tough decision they had to make, and they made it and we have to adjust to him and he needs to come down here and be a complete player, not that he's missing anything, but to stay up in the big leagues you have to be consistent, and that's all around, all around package, not just offensive or defensive."

Last season with the Hens Moya averaged .284 at the plate, hitting 20 home runs and knocking in 66 runs. Success he hopes to build from to climb the ladder back up to the Tigers.

"The way you see it is that you just have to keep going, have to keep working, working hard and trying to get better and to work your way up there again," Moya said.

Moya says he looks to find success at the plate again this season with hopes of getting that momentum back and getting back to the big leagues.

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