Ottawa Hills schools accepting tuition students

Ottawa Hills schools accepting tuition students

OTTAWA, OH (WTOL) - The best rated school district in the state is now accepting students living outside its boundaries.

Ottawa Hills Local Schools is offering enrollment for tuition students, but the price is quite steep.

It will cost $13,428 per year for in-state students and $15,869 for out-of-state students to attend an Ottawa Hills school.

"We're proud to say we are the number one school district in the state of Ohio. The first and only school district to earn all A's on the district and school building report cards. And so there is something happening within these walls that is very special," said Superintendent Dr. Kevin Miller.

Currently school enrollment numbers are down, and Dr. Miller says they've always had tuition students. But now, they're officially marketing the opportunity.

Dr. Miller says one in three families who have had tuition kids in the past ended up moving into the district.

"We think it's really a bonus for our community because ultimately it will add to the people who want to come to Ottawa Hills and be a part of our village here," Dr. Miller said.

Miller describes the district as having large school offerings in a small school setting.

They try to keep classroom sizes to 25 or less students.

Dr. Miller says with students adding to the classrooms, it allows the district to keep offering the same amenities.

"At the high school, we offer 17 different advanced placement classes. Our co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities are really on a level with larger schools in the area," Dr. Miller said.

Ottawa Hills cannot accept financial aid requests.

July 1 is the deadline to apply for next year. Parents will need to fill out an application with the district and then interview.

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