Findlay fire relief foundation looking for a new home

Findlay fire relief foundation looking for a new home

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The Fire Relief Foundation in Findlay helps families put their lives back together after suffering losses in fires.

The foundation just found out they only have two months to get out of their building and find out what they are going to do next.

The Fire Relief foundation was getting help from the Alliance in Findlay, letting them use their 3,000 square foot space for no charge.

The building is now under new ownership, and this is no longer the case. The new owner offered them to keep the space, but for five dollars a square foot. That is a financial burden they would not survive.

This space supplies anything from toiletries and beds to couches and kitchen tables. All are given to families who walk through these doors, no questions asked.

Founder Emily Stevers opened these doors after having her own family lose everything to a house fire.

Stevers says she's praying they can find somewhere to go, and, they don't have to stop helping.

"I wish everybody could see the look on these families faces when they walk into this space because I think in their head they're going to walk into like a garage sale," Stevers said. "And their life is already overwhelmed. And when they walk in here and see this organized, comfort, calm and security and all they have to do is point to stuff and it's going to put their life back on track, I think it's amazing."

Stevers says because they are so unique they don't qualify for a lot of gr ants. Most of their help comes directly from the community.

Anything from donations to a space where they can move in to. All would be tax deductible.

To help the foundation, you can visit their Facebook page or call Emily Stevers directly at 419-346-2776.

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