Gov. John Kasich delivers State of the State in Sandusky

Gov. John Kasich delivers State of the State in Sandusky

SANDUSKY, OH (WTOL) - Ohio Governor John Kasich delivered his State of the State speech Tuesday night in Sandusky.

This is not the first time the speech has been outside of the capital city. Last year, Kasich held the speech in Marietta.

But the one hour-ten minute speech comes at an important time for Sandusky and those who live around Lake Erie.

Gov. Kasich received a big ovation as he walked up to the stage and right away thanked the people of this host city. He then praised efforts by many to improve water quality on Lake Erie.

In his address, the governor touted successes in cutting taxes and creating jobs.

One thing he said the state needs to concentrate on is helping students be more prepared for their future careers.

"And we're bringing a variety of businesses and industries that will work with leading educators to look into the future," Governor Kasich said. "Try to think what's coming, what we might lose, what we might gain. And how we get ourselves ready for this."

Gov. Kasich also spent a significant amount of time talking about opioid crisis in the state. He praised the Ohio State Highway Patrol for catching traffickers.

He announced a $20 million plan to help fight the epidemic.

"I'm asking the Third Frontier Commission to provide up to $20 million to help bring new scientific breakthroughs to the battle against drug abuse and addiction," Gov. Kasich said. "These funds will target existing, proven ideas that simply need an extra push to be brought to the fight."

"The most important thing also I thought was say this is also neighborhood issue," said Sen. Randy Parker. "It's also in the churches, the neighborhoods, the families, the schools."

The governor finished his speech by saying things need to keep moving along in Ohio. He said Ohio needs to keep thing rolling like a roller coaster, in reference to Cedar Point.

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