'Empowerment Zone' encourages people to take back their community

'Empowerment Zone' encourages people to take back their community

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The first "Empowerment Zone" (E-Zone) of the year and the seventh in total happened Monday evening.

Partners Empowering Community Safety (PECS) invited members of the north Toledo community to Leverette Elementary for the event.

Different speakers from various organizations interacted with the community to connect them with resources and agencies to help decrease violence in Toledo.

PECS Coordinator Pastor Timothy Clark hopes to see people empowered to make a difference in their community.

"We have the agencies here as a resource, not as somebody to do it for them," said Clark. "I think it's time that we take the community back and be powered in that and see what creativity comes out of that community."

The PECS organization holds meetings every other week. More information about PECS can be found here.

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