TPD taking steps to close the bar where two men were shot

TPD taking steps to close the bar where two men were shot

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As of Monday night, police are searching for the shooter who opened fire at the Antidote Bar early Monday morning.

Two people suffered non-life threatening injuries. One was treated and released.

WTOL found out Toledo Police want to close this bar.

This shooting at Antidote bar brings the number of major incidents to ten in 2017. The Toledo Police Department said because of this they're cracking down on crime at the west Toledo bar.

"It's getting worse," said Lorraina Senecal, who lives near Antidote. "And it's on a daily basis we're bothered."

Senecal was standing out front of the bar when shots rang out early Monday morning.

"It's not fun," she said. "It's supposed to be somewhere we can hang out and it's not anymore."

Toledo Police tell WTOL they're been building their case against the bar.

"Time after time, the neighbors are fed up with it and we're fed up with it," said Lt. Joe Heffernan, Toledo Police Department. "We're going forth with these measures to try and close the bar down."

They said the number of violent crimes in such a short about of time and the bar's lack of making significant improvements makes for a good case.

But neighbors are having to deal with much more than violent crimes.

"Public urination, illegal parking, a lot of disorderly conducts that are happening late at night and early in the morning," Lt. Heffernan said. "These are all things that make it very difficult for the neighbors to live there."

Senecal said it's hard for her to believe police will be able to stop the ongoing problems at the bar.

"It's an escalating problem," Senecal said. "They drive by, there's people fist fighting outside and they don't stop. This just happened last night before a dude got shot and it probably could have been avoided."

The Toledo Police will go before City Council on April 13 to make their plea as to why the state should revoke the liquor license for Antidote Bar.

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