Heavy security expected in Sandusky for Governor's State of the State address

Heavy security expected in Sandusky for Governor's State of the State address

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Security will be very tight on Tuesday in Sandusky because Gov. John Kasich will deliver his State of the State address at 7 p.m.

It's one of the biggest security details in years in Sandusky. It's not just the Governor, but all of state government will be in the city.

The marquee at the Sandusky State Theatre says "Welcome Governor John Kasich" and since he announced in February that his State of the State address would be there, the police department has been making plans.

Police Chief John Orzech said his department has been working with the State Highway Patrol, which is the Governor's security detail, as well as the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Sandusky Police and sheriff's deputies will be securing Columbus Avenue and the theatre itself.

People should expect street closings to begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning and a locked down theater by 2 p.m.

People going to the event will have to have tickets and will go through magnetometers on the way in.

With the Governor, state lawmakers, and state Supreme Court justices all coming to Sandusky, police aren't taking any chances and are coordinating all resources.

Chief Orzech says he has heard that 1,700 people will be there but he said law enforcement will be ready.

"We still have a city to protect and so we have people that are going to be working shift and doing our normal operations," Chief Orzech said. "We have officers coming in that are in other specialty units that are going to be working more of the detail side of it."

The chief said the police department has had practice for high profile visitors in recent years, including presidential candidates like John McCain in 2008.

Governor Kasich's previous State of the State addresses have been held in Lima, Marietta, Medina, Wilmington, and Steubenville.

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