Wetlands restoration funding acquired for Port Clinton

Wetlands restoration funding acquired for Port Clinton

PORT CLINTON, OH (WTOL) - One local community is doing its part in trying to improve the water quality of Lake Erie, while also beautifying their own city.

The city of Port Clinton has secured $1.2 million to restore a natural wetlands near the Lake Erie shore and get rid of an invasive species of tall reeds.

The area is a 12-acre stretch between the Port Clinton lighthouse and derby pond down to Lakeview park beach.

The restoration will improve the local environment for local wildlife while also beautifying the area for residents and visitors.

The other aspect of the restoration will be to remove an eyesore invasive reed called phragmites that have all but taken over the area.

Once restored, the wetlands will begin actively pulling excess nutrients from rain runoff before it enters Lake Erie.

"And they're going to plant native grasses that'll enhance the wetlands. So, it will be one of the only working wetlands on Lake Erie. So, it will take the nutrients out before it gets to the lake, and we're going to try to do our part," said Port Clinton Mayor Hugh Wheeler.

The funding for the restoration is available from spring to fall 2018.

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