Ohio gives $1 million to Sandusky for water initiative

Ohio gives $1 million to Sandusky for water initiative

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The state of Ohio granted $1 million to the city of Sandusky from the Ohio Healthy Lake Initiative.

The grant is for nutrient reduction pilot projects in the San dusky Bay. The projects are to help reduce nutrient and sediments from entering Lake Erie.

They will consist of the development of four in-water habitat projects that recreate the natural wetlands and mud-flats that used to surround Sandusky Bay.

The habitats and water quality treatment will be established by the clean dredged material from the federal navigation channel in Sandusky.

Ohio EPA Director Craig W. Butler says the initiative will do more than reduce harmful algal blooms.

"The Sandusky Bay Enhancement initiative will hell up us meet the State's July 2020 ban on disposing of dredged material in the open waters of Lake Erie," Butler said.

Sandusky Bay provides a significant influence on wildlife habitat and water quality on Lake Erie. In 2016 Ohio identified the bay as a state priority area for water.

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