Money Talks News: April deals and duds

Money Talks News: April deals and duds

(Money Talks News) - Every month, we tell you deals and duds of the month.

As for the deals, April is prime time for spring clothing. Mid-season promotions can get you 25 to 40 percent off on clothes.

Mother's Day is closer than you think and now is a good time to shop for mom. Coupons and department store sales can save you a load of money before gift prices rise.

And for the second straight month, deals on 60-inch LCD TVs are at an all-time low price of $500.

But for every deal, there are just as many duds.

Many people think spring is a good time to invest in a vacuum, but if you hold of until November, those prices will plummet.

If you are in the market for a mattress, wait until Memorial Day sales go into effect in May.

Laptops are another dud this month, after rebounding from pre-holiday rates.

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