Severe Weather Outlook: Sweltering summer heat likely to build this year

Severe Weather Outlook: Sweltering summer heat likely to build this year

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Safety is the focus when severe storms comes to town in the spring and summer. Lightning, flash flooding and tornadoes all pose deadly threats, this and every season.

Would you be prepared for windstorms that could leave you without power for days?

Many won't soon forget June 29 2012 - The sweltering summer heat and colossal complex of thunderstorms exploded into a massive windstorm known as a derecho.

Stretching for hundreds of miles and raging for hours, this storm ravaged dozens of communities in northwest Ohio with winds of 70 to 90 mph. This left billions in damage and thousands without power for weeks.

Conditions this year may prove more favorable for damaging winds.

According to meteorologist Chris Vickers, sweltering summer heat is likely to build this summer, especially across the central and southern plains.

"This may create a corridor of storms that would be more favorable from the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes region, enhancing our threat of storms with damaging winds this season," said Vickers.

Damaging straight line winds can, and do, exceed that of weaker tornadoes and typically impact a much greater area, as shown by the derecho on June 29.

This makes the threat of wind damage much more likely; a threat you need to be prepared for.

Some ways to be prepared is to have a severe weather emergency kit at the ready and make a plan of what you and your family should do in case of a weather disaster.

More details on exactly what to put in your severe weather emergency preparedness kit can be found here.

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