Two hurt in west Toledo bar shooting

Two hurt in west Toledo bar shooting
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two people were injured when shots rang out at a west Toledo bar overnight.

Police say Caprise Arnett and Tanisha Haynes were shot while they were in the enclosed patio area of the Antidote bar on Sylvania Avenue near Vermaas.

The shooter was firing at the building from the parking lot, leaving numerous bullet casings at the scene.

"We didn't hear anything - no commotion or nothing," said Harley Mavis who lives nearby. "And then, just bang, like fifteen shots."

Arnett was taken to a hospital by car while an ambulance took Hayes. Police say both are expected to recover from their injuries.

"From my bedroom window, we looked down and seen a guy against the wall just laying there, head down, dead weight," said Mavis. "His friends rushed out; there were people running everywhere, in all directions. Like four people carried him off to a white Chevy."

Before the shooting, another man was injured in a fight. So far, no arrests have been made.

"I hope that nobody died tonight, and I hope this place gets shut down," said Mavis.

That is just what Toledo police are trying to do.

They say the number of violent crimes in such a short amount of time and the bar's lack of trying to improve that number make for a good case to shut down the club.

"It's an escalating problem," said Lorraina Senecal, who lives near the bar. "They drive by, there's people fist fighting outside, and they don't stop. This just happened last night before a dude got shot and it probably could have been avoided."

"The neighbors are fed up with it, and we're fed up with it," said Lieutenant Joe Heffernan.  "We're going forth with these measures to try and close the bar."

Antidote bar was once the Lyrics Lounge, where many shootings have taken place in the past. It's now under new management with a new name.

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