Gliding Stars of Toledo helps volunteers and special needs kids reach full potential

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Over the past 9 years, Gliding Stars of Toledo, an adaptive ice skating program, has been helping dozens of special needs kids become more social and mobile, all while learning how to skate.

A skill that wouldn't be possible without the assistance of volunteers like Jean and Josh Abercrombie.

"Josh is our superstar because our whole goal is to get people to graduate from stars to volunteers," said Terri Himmel, Gliding Stars Toledo chapter coordinator. "He's amazing, he's done such a great job this year."

After learning to skate, Josh started playing hockey, and last year Josh and his mom decided to give back.

"It taught me to help other people, and I'm not really sure what I like about it most, I just like it all," said Josh.

"Being a volunteer I think of myself as a parent, thinking, 'okay, what would I want my son or daughter to learn while they were skating,'" said Jean. "So forming overall connection to the program."

While Gliding Stars gave Josh the skating skills to play hockey, the program's impact spans far beyond that.

"It helps us bond really well, like outside of home it helps us bond because we get to skate with someone else and help them," said Josh.

And his mom couldn't be more proud of the difference her son is making with the Stars in the program.

"For him to once a week be able to give back to the community and really make all these children  happy and laugh and smile has been wonderful to do together," said Jean.

If you're interested in volunteering or signing up for Gliding Stars Toledo you can visit their website.
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