McCord students surprise classmate at last chemo treatment

McCord students surprise classmate at last chemo treatment

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A McCord Junior High 6th grader received his last cancer treatment Friday, and a special surprise was in store to mark the special day.

Brenden Behan was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and to overcome the disease, he remained strong. But he did not do it alone.

Friday, his school showed up to his last chemo treatment to continue their support of their classmate and friend.

"I'm just glad that the entire school rallied around him and supported him," said friend Garrett Zimmermann,

Marla Pawlowicz, Behan's teacher, said, "It was absolutely one of the most uplifting, and emotional days as a teacher, just seeing a flood of purple coming down the hallway, just absolutely amazing."

But his classmates were not the only surprise for Brenden and his family.

"The surprise was also for his parents because his dad is a firefighter, so we thought maybe one or two would come but the whole crew came," Ogren said. "The fire chief came and we cannot thank them enough."

Although Brenden's cancer treatment kept him away from school, he was connecting with his classmates via video chat. But four months later, their friend will be back.

"He's been missing a lot of stuff. So like at lunch, we always talk, and I hope that he can just like flow right back in," said friend Anthony Rammuny.

It is a journey that touched many lives along the way.

"You take time and appreciate things a little bit more than what you do sometimes," said Pawlowicz. "You take things for granted and things like this just kind of bring you back to reality a little bit."

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