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Experts believe self-driving technology will make trucking industry more efficient

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Toledo is a major transportation corridor, serving as a link between some of the biggest cities in the Midwest. And it may not be long until self-driving trucks are hitting the roads in northwest Ohio.

And with self-driving technology, trucking companies will have the ability to transport goods more efficiently.

"Maybe even five years from now, you'll be able to at least some truck platooning taking place," said Jim Barbaresso, an expert on intelligent transportation. "Two trucks connected together, electronically tethered is very feasible during that time frame."

Platooning will allow one drive to haul several trailers. The self-driving technology on board will handle the driving on long, special roads like turnpikes.

"It makes good business sense. You're going to see that as an early adopter of the types of technologies we're talking about connected and automated vehicles," Barbaresso said.

Self-driving cars will likely head to urban areas first and used in ride-sharing that is replacing the need for personal cars.

"A parking spot [in New York City] could cost up to $300,000, just for one parking spot. It makes sense in those cases to instead buy a ride rather than have a car parked 95 percent of the time in that spot," Barbaresso said.

Experts believe drivers are already benefiting from some self-driving technology in the cars on the road today, from the back up assists to even the automatic brakes. 

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