Tuition discount program for local workers announced for Tiffin universities

Tuition discount program for local workers announced for Tiffin universities

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - A new program in Tiffin will give people an opportunity to take college courses at a discounted price.

A new partnership between Tiffin University and Heidelberg University will offer tuition help for anyone who works at businesses that are members of the local chamber of commerce or SIEDC.

The partnership will give any worker a $200 discount per credit hour for undergrad programs, and a $100 discount for graduate programs and online or off-campus courses.

All a worker needs to do is follow the standard application and admission procedure for each school.

The idea is to give local workers an opportunity they may feel they have already missed at one of their local universities.

"At the end of the day, I think education is the best equalizer. And if we can come together to provide those opportunities that's a win win for both of these institutions and for those organizations and companies," said Jeremy Marinis, TIffin University V.P. of enrollment management and student affairs

The hope is that the program cultivates a well rounded educated workforce in the area, which will benefit the workers, their employers, and the local economy.

"It gives them a benefit, just by being here that they can give to their employees. Secondly, it creates a town, a county, a place where you can grow and learn. And I think that's attractive for people asking 'Where do I want to live?' and companies asking 'Where do I want to settle down?' " said David Zak, President &CEO of SIEDC

You can find more information on the benefit programs for both Heidelberg University and Tiffin Univerisity by visiting their websites.

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