90-year-old man retires as Bell Building security guard, greeter

90-year-old man retires as Bell Building security guard, greeter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For 27 years, Jim Mayweather was a security guard and greeter at the Bell Building in downtown Toledo. Friday was his last day on the job.

Family members and Bell tenants held a retirement party for Jim.

Jim is 90-years-old. The Korean War veteran is finally retiring to spend more time with his four kids, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

"He's awesome, wonderful, understandable parent, honorable family" said Jim's daughter Arnica West.

But Jim's second family are the tenants of the Bell Building, the friends he's made over the years. They treat Jim like family too.

"I like to work around people. I just want to be around people. I enjoy it," Mayweather said.

You've probably met Jim if you've entered the Bell Building in the last three decades. He's considered the front door and presence of the building.

"He was greeting people, shaking their hand, open the door for them, push the elevator button, tell people when to find the office they were going to visit, where it was," explained former Bell Building manager John Eberly.

But that has finally come to an end.

And though Jim Mayweather has retired, he'll never forget his Bell Building family.

"Seeing the people every day, four days a week when I come out here, I'm going to miss that," Mayweather said.

And those people are going to miss Jim too.

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