Neighbors voice opinions on South Detroit Ave. construction

Neighbors voice opinions on South Detroit Ave. construction

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo is proposing changes on South Detroit Avenue impacting your commute.

Their plans include to reconstruct South Detroit from the Anthony Wayne Trail to Copland to a three lane road and add bike lanes.

Additionally they proposed to put in a one lane roundabout at Detroit, Byrne and Devonshire, with the possibility of making Devonshire a two-way street.

The project is estimated to cost $3 million with 90 percent of the funds coming from state and federal gr ants. City officials say they would begin construction in 2019 and expect the project to be complete that fall.

"I was surprised," said Denise Neiding who lives along South Detroit. "Even though our road desperately needs fixed, I didn't know they were going to do all these different changes to it."

South Toledo neighbors got the chance to voice their opinions on this project Wednesday. The meeting room at the Heatherdowns Library was full as they came to learn more.

"I'm hoping they can explain why they are doing this," said Neiding.

"It's like dodging for potholes all the time," explained Kirk Aiello of driving along South Detroit Avenue. "I mean my car gets tore up."

"I want to see that it does reduce the speed and that trucks go traveling slower," said Anne Beck who lives along South Detroit.

Several at the meeting raised their hands to ask questions of the 3 million dollar project that's 90 % funded by state and federal gr ants.

Specifically neighbors living in the area wanted to know why they chose a three lane road and roundabout for their route.

"The third center turn lane on South Detroit from Byrne to Copland I think that was a pretty resounding no," said Stephen Leggett who lives on South Detroit. "It's obvious we don't need it for the gr ant money and we just don't need it period."

"I'm not really excited about the roundabout," said Anne Beck. "I have children, so I am worried about them trying to cross [the road]."

Others were excited about the potential to have the road repaved with federal dollars.

"If this is a way for the city to save money and establish something to help repave the road, then I think it is something that could be positive for the community," stated Kirk Aiello who drives the route daily.

City officials believe this project will slow down those traveling on the road, improve safety and the flow of traffic, but they are listening to residents.

"What we want to do is take the input we get from them, put it through the engineering processes and then see what makes sense for the project," said Doug Stephens, administrator of engineering services.

Several at the meeting did take time to submit written comments and suggestions, but it's not too late if you want to voice your thoughts. The city is taking comments until April 28th on the project.

You can submit questions via email to or mail them to Tim Grosjean, Staff Professional Engineer at 600 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 300, Toledo, OH, 43604.

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