Lucas County makes improvement in county health rankings

Lucas County makes improvement in county health rankings

(WTOL) - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation broke down each county's health rating in every state to see how they compare.

The report came out Wednesday. Some counties in northwest Ohio did better than others.

Wood and Putnam Counties ranked in the top ten out of 88 counties.

There was some positive progress in Lucas County, moving from 73 to 69.

The health commissioner says he's happy about that, but he's not complacent.

"It's not good enough," Toledo Lucas County Health Commissioner, Eric Zgodzinski. "It's great that we came down, but it ebbs and flows too. Next year we might go up a tick, if we're not careful."

Zgodzinski, says one of the areas of concern is "physical environment."

That includes things like air pollution, drinking water violations and housing problems. The county dipped from a ranking of 50 last year to 73 this year.

"We're gonna have to take this and figure out what happened. I think what we're gonna have to do is really kinda piece together an action plan," said Zgodzinski.

Other areas Zgodzinski says still need more work include the infant mortality rate, which is particularly high in African American babies, obesity and the opiate crisis.

The health commissioner says it will take everyone to keep Lucas County's ranking, trending downward.

"We're gonna put pressure on ourselves to drive that number down to 68 to 67, closer to one," Zgodzinsk said.

To see the entire county by county breakdown click here.

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