Gas prices set to increase for warmer months

Gas prices set to increase for warmer months

(WTOL) - Gas prices rose slightly Tuesday. While gas is slightly higher than this time last year, prices remain relatively stable.

A senior petroleum analyst says interruptions to gasoline production for spring cleaning and maintenance at refineries usually drives the price up this time of year, but with no unexpected issues, consumers have not noticed a change yet.

"The other issue that causes gas prices to go up in the spring is this winter to summer gasoline blend transition you probably heard about. And people always tell me, 'What the heck is this? This is a bunch of BS.' Well, it's not," said Patrick DeHaan of Gas Buddy.

DeHaan says because of the Clean Air Act amendments, the EPA has been requiring refiners to produce gasoline that burns cleaner for summer months when more people are hitting the road.

Because that blend costs more, the consumers end up paying more at the pump.

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