Lucas County library official heading to Columbus to advocate for funding

Lucas County library official heading to Columbus to advocate for funding

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library system is fighting for funding to continue their tradition of service to the community.

About 70 percent of residents in Lucas County say they have a library card.

Library officials say its services go beyond just providing books for entertainment. It also provides services for those looking for jobs or hoping to start a new chapter in their life.

"People coming to the library to write their resumes, to research their next job, to start their small business," said Jason Kucsma, Deputy Director Toledo-Lucas County Public Library. "We provide a lot of access to really expensive databases business owners can use that they wouldn't be able to afford on their own."

The library receives special funding for projects like STEM, but the library gets a majority of its funding from the state of Ohio.

"We receive part of our funding from the public library fund which is a percentage of the general revenue fund and we're asking them to preserve that at 1.7 percent," Kucsma said.

Urging our state lawmakers to protect funding is only part of the battle for public libraries across the state and country.

"Something called the Institute for Museum and Library Service which is basically on the chopping block with the President's proposed budget," said Kucsma. "So we in public libraries, academic libraries, all types of library's across the country are advocating to keep the IMLF intact - the institute for museum and library services intact."

Roughly 40 percent of the library's budget comes from the State of Ohio, which in turn receives some funding from the Federal Government.

That's why 250 library representatives from the entire state are headed down to Columbus this week to advocate for that funding.

For Lucas County, they want to continue to support the three million people who came through the library's doors last year.

The Ohio Library Council is organizing the efforts in Columbus on Wednesday.

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